My name is AJ and I'm a disabled freelance artist.
I've been working online since 2006. I only take commissions through Patreon.
I am the owner of Clover Coin Designs
& Flipside: Tail side up.
You can follow my work on the social media lists below!

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About the artist.

My name is AJ. 30+ years. Disabled.
I am CIS female and I use the pronouns
She/Her, They/Them, and He/Him.
I live in the USA with my husband and our three dogs.
I am a digital freelance artist.
I mostly draw on a Cintiq 22HD tablet and a 12.9in iPad.
I use the art program Clip Paint Studio and Photoshop CS6.
My commissions are not open right now.
No art trades or requests at this time.
Do you have questions or want to talk more?
I hang out and socialize mostly on the Cloverse Discord Server.
I am slow to reply, please be patient with me. ♥
"Never be afraid to draw badly!"

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Adoptable Terms of Service

Gifted, Traded, or Purchased from either CloverCoin or Flipside, these terms apply.Design Owners:
Can Gift.
Can Trade.
Can Resell. (No limitations)
No commercial license unless it's discussed before purchase.
No crypto or blockchain usage.
There is no blacklist.Thanks for all your support!

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AJ's Quick Price Guide

So you're interested in a commission from AJ? That's awesome!We will be able to get you a better price estimate once we hear about your commission project and characters.Right now commissions are closed.I do take random orders on Patreon for people who are interested!

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